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Learn about the importance of soil so you can make informed food choices and live your healthiest life!

This Membership is about so much more than plants. It's about getting PLANTED! Learn how growing food and healthy living work together. This is just one of the many bonuses you gain as a Planted Member!


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Grow your way to a healthy lifestyle! Learn about soil and how it directly impacts the food you grow and eat.

Grow, harvest and enjoy fresh organic seedlings each month! With this Membership you receive a box containing seedlings, living soil, organic fertilizers and grow pots. We'll throw in monthly projects like growing micro greens and mushrooms, harvesting peppers, creating herb-infused cooking oils, or the latest craft cocktails using fresh herbs. Create your own cut and come again garden.

We support your journey with videos and tutorials galore, plus live QA sessions, inspiring conversations with passionate wellness gurus and leaders.

This is so cool! I only have a small patio. I am excited. I started a few plants this year, but was not very successful, so hoping this will make me more successful!

— Christina from Palo Alto, CA

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(includes shipping)

Watch and learn all the details about the Planted Box membership.

  • What it means to grow organic produce year round in a small space using containers.
  • Why forming great habits around gardening is good for your health.
  • How it inspires those in your life in more ways than you can imagine.

I am so excited to grow my own organic food at home! I'm doing this for the satisfaction of knowing I grew it myself, to save money, and to connect with the earth! What a fun idea - can't wait to get started.

— Terry from Santa Barbara, CA

Wanted to say that I love your new idea. I was just talking about my needing to find something different and engaging this winter. Looking forward to my first box!

— Jenny from Los Gatos, CA

Learn how to Grow Organic Produce So You Can Live your Healthiest Life Possible

Just this week, we are opening our cart for the Founders Member Launch of the Planted Box membership. Each month is only $39 (includes shipping)!

  • Learn to easily grow organic food at home with monthly planting projects!
  • Transform your brown thumb to a green thumb!
  • Start a new hobby for your mental health!
  • Take control of your gut health!
  • Treat yourself, family and friends to healthy, clean meals grown from your garden!
  • Be part of a growing community!
  • Take the next step in your healthy lifestyle!

Take the next step in your healthy lifestyle. Do the right thing for yourself, your community, and your planet!

Remember this offer is a Founding Member price - guaranteed to be lowest price offer for lifetime. You will only have one more chance to join the membership this year, but not at this price!

Hey - I'm Christy!

And I am on a mission to help people live their healthiest life possible.

The bottom line is that growing food in living soil at home is better for you than buying produce at the grocery store and I am on a mission to show people how easy and rewarding it can be. 

A couple of years ago I had my own health issues which forced me to take a closer look at what I was putting in my body. I learned that the faster way to a healthier gut was to eat more leafy greens, and not all leafy greens were created equal.

I figured the best way to get the most nutrition out of my food was to grow as much of it as possible! That was my ah-ha moment -- and viola, The Farm Wall was born. We began our mission to create a system that would make it easy for everyone to grow food at home and get the full nutrition from their food!

The Planted Box subscription is an easy way to get started growing your own food. Think of it as training wheels for the Farm Wall. There are a million reasons to join, but your very own health and the health of your family should rank right up there at the top! 

Get your hands dirty!


Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the monthly Planted Box subscription?

It's brand new! It's a box subscription that features planting projects for you to start gardening. You'll receive specialty seedlings with organic living soil, and mini-planters along with tutorials and coaching to guide you throughout the year. Each month we interview experts who will inspire you on your healthy living journey.

We will feature planting projects that are tailored to the different seasons of the year. We'll plant some of the perennial herbs in the Fall and harvest them in the Spring. We'll grow mushrooms in the cold, damp months, and tomatoes and peppers in the summer months.

Best of all, as a founding member, you get to help direct the direction we go with this. We want to introduce the planting projects that are of most interest to our community.

What if I have never gardened before? How easy is it?

  • We teach you every step along the way!
  • We make it easy and fun with instructions, videos, weekly tips, and a private Facebook community.
  • Each month you will receive new plants and learn how to grow them and use them in your cooking.

How much space does it take and where can I put the planters?

The grow pots are 5.5" diameter - so they're small.  Over the course of a year you will receive ~ 6-8 total grow pots (because we will be replenishing seedlings often in the same pots).  We will introduce 1 or 2 larger grow pots for growing tomatoes, root vegetables, and vines.  The larger grow pots will be at most 24" diameter. 

The planters will drain through the felt so it will need to be placed somewhere where it can drain when you water it.  Think of this as container gardening.  You may place these on a deck, on a patio table, on the ground, etc.  You can move them around throughout the year to optimize the sunlight.  We plan to provide planter trays for people to place them on so they can drain if you want to bring the pots inside from time to time as a decoration (like herbs and ornamental flowers) or if the weather is dipping into freezing and you want to get them out of the cold.

What's the return/refund policy?

As our Planted subscription includes living plants, we offer replacements if they are damaged in any way.

What does it mean to be a founding member?

As a founding member of the Planted Box membership, not only do you get special low member pricing for a lifetime, you also get in on the ground floor. What does that mean - that means you help to decide the direction that we take this membership.

You get to vote on what you want to grow, what tutorials and curated content will be the most meaningful to the community, and which experts that you want to hear from. Bottom line, this is your membership and as a founder we want you to help shape it so it fits your healthy lifestyle!

Can I grow year round?

YES! We grow with the seasons. That means we work with growers to provide the organic seedlings that will thrive during the different seasons of the year.

The Planted Box subscription is intended for growing outdoors. The ideal location is a spot that gets 4-6 hours of sunlight a day.

If you live in a location where the temperatures dip below freezing, then you will want to wait until night time temperatures are in the 40's consistently. On the occasional dips into the 30's you can cover with a sheet or bring them indoors for that time period. The breeze is good for plants and helps to keep bugs at bay so growing outdoors is optimal.

If you are a friend in a cooler climate, you can still join now to secure the founding member price! Your billing and shipments will not begin until March. You can pause your subscription at anytime.

What's included in the cost?

For the $39 monthly subscription you will receive the Planted Box with all the gardening accessories needed as well as a bonus gift or project. We feature Expert interviews to inspire you on this journey to health and wellness. You'll also be part of a Facebook community where we dive in frequently to teach live sessions and provide custom feedback to our growing community.

If working from home truly becomes the new normal for my wife and I, then this is a huge opportunity to consider lifestyle changes that were never possible before.  And growing my own vegetables is something that would be much more sustainable and enjoyable if I am working from home.

— Bryan, San Jose, CA


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