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It's About Health for the You and the Planet

The Planted Box and Planted Gift are designed with your health in mind. We teach you how to grow organic nutrient dense food in living soil! You receive either a monthly (Planted Box) or seasonal (Planted Gift) box with the following items:

  • ORGANIC SEEDLINGS: 4-6 organic seedlings: arugula, kale, chives, spinach, basil, thyme, chard, lettuce, herbs, edible flowers and many many more. 
  • PLANTERS & POTS: Mostly grow pots made of a collapsible felt. Size will vary between 1/2 to 10 gallon.
  • MICRO GREEN SEEDS: and pots for growing the seeds (approx. 10-5"x5"x3"), gets to harvest in 5-7 days.  No waiting for this one!
  • PLANTING PROJECT: Each month we will focus on different planting projects with different organic produce.  
  • GARDEN ACCESSORIES: clippers, watering sticks, misters, etc. this will really depend on the project and what we are doing.
  • BALANCE BONUS: Yes, we are here to teach you how to grow and eat healthy and nutritious! But at our core, we know that in order to live a truly balanced and healthy lifestyle you have to do more… so we have enlisted the help of friends and experts who are just as committed as we are to putting all this together. The Balance Bonus includes free fitness classes, cooking classes, and other exciting activities that we find

This package is insane! Cutest thing ever and I’ve hardly looked at it so I can wait until I have lots of time to treat myself! It’s the best Christmas gift to myself EVER! I put the plants in the sun and will do all my planting Monday! Thank you for making me excited for Monday!!

— Jen from Los Gatos, CA

Grow Organic Vegetables and Herbs in Containers where you live!

No yard required!

We make it easy with the new PLANTED Box Membership. In each box you will receive seedlings, grow pots, soil & tutorials. Growing food is transformative. Not only will you be growing the most nutritious and delicious produce possible, the minute the box arrives you will begin to reap all the rewards a garden provides.

We are so committed to teaching organic food gardening that we are making it part of the balanced healthy lifestyle you already live! In addition to growing food, this membership comes with fitness and cooking classes! You are already doing so many great things for you mind, body and spirit, gardening is a natural, tactile and wonderful addition to what you are already doing. It's easy and fun and our members are active and eager to support you!

Sweet Zoom call break! Got my first Planted Box and could not resist getting started right away. Amazing job. I got the same feeling I had the first time I opened my iPhone box. Beautiful packing. Let’s see if it can drag me away from my phone going forward as well :-).

— Jenny


It's a box subscription for people who want to:

  • Transform their brown thumb to a green thumb.
  • Learn to easily grow organic food at home with monthly planting projects.
  • Start a new hobby for your mental health
  • Take control of your gut health!
  • Treat yourself, family and friends to healthy, clean meals grown from your garden.
  • Be part of a growing community
  • Take the next step in your healthy lifestyle

It's a membership that comes with training, tutorials and a private FB community of like-minded gardeners (beginners and masters) and health advocates. We will coach you along the way!

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