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We created our Planted community for anyone who ever thought about growing food at home - but didn't know where to start, AND for anyone who never thought about growing food but who does every other thing in pursuit of optimum health!

It's all about boosting your immunity, your health and your environment! Check out our options for your Holiday Gift Giving! ☃️🎁

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This package is insane! Cutest thing ever and I’ve hardly looked at it so I can wait until I have lots of time to treat myself! It’s the best Christmas gift to myself EVER! I put the plants in the sun and will do all my planting Monday! Thank you for making me excited for Monday!!— Jen from Los Gatos, CA

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Pricing : $185 ($157 with discount) + $40 shipping (1 time shipping fee for 5 shipments)

This one time price includes 5 shipments + shipping!

Your recipient will receive their Planted Box four times a year, at the beginning of each gardening season of 2021: February, April, July and October. We will send a special gift for the holidays including a description of what they can look forward to receiving all year.

The perfect gift.

Literally the PERFECT gift! Your Planted Box gift will teach the lucky recipient how to grow food in containers but includes recipes, cooking classes and fitness classes!

It's unbelievable - your gift recipient gets everything below with each seasonal shipment:

  • Organic curated seedlings (4-8 per shipment)
  • Living soil + organic fertilizers
  • Mini-planters for container gardening
  • Microgreen planting kit
  • Planting projects
  • Gardening accessories
  • Online cooking classes and fitness classes to balance out healthy living

Your gift comes with a community of gardeners and experts offering tutorials and advice year around plus online cooking classes and fitness classes offered by some of our favorite instructors, coaches and leaders. The Planted Box really is the gift that keeps giving!

It's great for kids, siblings, staff, parents, students, wedding parties, house warming, corporate gifts and yourself.

I can't tell you how much fun I had opening my PlantedPlaces box!  The packaging was absolutely beautiful and it felt like Christmas!  I had so much fun opening and planting each of them and the seedlings were absolutely exquisite.  I truly have never seen fresher, healthier plants.  Can't wait for the next box!  — Jeannie from Incline Village, NV

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Pricing : $45 ($36 with discount) monthly + $9.99 shipping

The Planted Box Membership

Grow, harvest and enjoy fresh organic seedlings each month! With this Membership you receive a box containing seedlings, living soil, organic fertilizers and grow pots. We'll throw in monthly projects like growing Microgreens and mushrooms, harvesting peppers, growing tomatoes, creating herb-infused cooking oils, or the latest craft cocktails using fresh herbs. Create your own cut and come again garden.

We support your journey with videos and tutorials galore, plus live QA sessions, inspiring conversations with passionate wellness gurus and leaders. Online cooking classes are held each month so that you know exactly how you can prepare the healthiest meals with your organic greens and herbs! You will love as you become obsessed with your favorite new hobby! (12 boxes per year)

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! We Guarantee all of our organic seedlings. If a seedling does not arrive safely, we'll replace the seedlings for you.

Holiday Open Cart!!

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1-Sided Wall

Pricing : $650 ($400 with discount) for gardening system.

Membership Pricing: $39 monthly + $9.99 shipping (FREE local pick up available for Bay Area Northern California)

2-Sided Wall

Pricing : $900 ($700 with discount) for gardening system.

Membership Pricing: $55 monthly + $9.99 shipping (FREE local pick up available for Bay Area Northern California)

The Planted Box Membership

Grow your way to a healthy lifestyle! The Planted Wall is for those who are ready to start growing more. The wall system takes up the space of a person standing. All you need is the following to start growing organic greens in living soil vertically:

  • Outlet to power the water pump. All Planted Wall units come with an self-irrigating watering system plus a wifi timer to automate.
  • At least 6 hours of sunlight daily (you will probably have less in the winter - but make sure when Spring comes you have at least 6 hours)
  • 2 feet x 2 feet space - this is all the space it takes!

Members have the option to grow on 1 side of the wall (17 pots) or both sides (33 pots). The wall includes a self-irrigating watering system and timer to automate.

Each membership comes with monthly organic seedlings (up to 17 or 33 depending on size of wall unit), living soil as needed, organic amendments, and all the perks that are included in the Planted Box membership. This means video tutorials galore, plus live QA sessions, inspiring conversations with passionate wellness gurus and leaders. Online cooking classes are held each month so that you know exactly how you can prepare the healthiest meals with your organic greens and herbs!

Sign up for FREE consultation

Have a Question about your Space?  Sign-up for a FREE consultation. We can take a look at photos of your space and answer all your questions so you know you feel confident knowing that you can successfully grow!

Here's what one of our customers says about growing organic produce on a wall year round!

I am so excited to grow my own organic food at home! I'm doing this for the satisfaction of knowing I grew it myself, to save money, and to connect with the earth! What a fun idea - can't wait to get started.

— Terry from Santa Barbara, CA

Give the Gift of Gardening

Listen to what our members have to say...

Ricky & Lauren

Founding Members,
Santa Barbara, CA

This is so cool!! It's an urban farmer's dream Easy and intuitive.

Took me 30 minutes to plant and I'm so excited to grow them!


Founding Member,
Los Gatos , CA

Here is my new happy place! My Planted Place!! Thank you Christy! What a fun Sunday project!! Loved it and so happy every time I look at them! My new babies!!


Founding Member,
Los Gatos, CA

Sweet Zoom call break! Got my first Planted Box and could not resist getting started right away.

Amazing job. I got the same feeling I had the first time I opened my iPhone box. Beautiful packing. Let’s see if it can drag me away from my phone going forward as well :-).

Watch the Series

Make sure to watch our free 3-part video series focused on "Turning Winter Blues to Winter Greens"  

This is a great example of the type of training and guidance you get inside the membership.

  • Learn what to grow in the cold winter months.
  • Learn how you can be successful even when you're staring at snow.
  • Learn how to boost your immunity using the leafy greens and herbs you're growing!

Hey - I'm Christy!

And I am on a mission to help people live their healthiest life possible.

The bottom line is that growing food in living soil at home is better for you than buying produce at the grocery store and I am on a mission to show people how easy and rewarding it can be. 

A couple of years ago I had my own health issues which forced me to take a closer look at what I was putting in my body. I learned that the faster way to a healthier gut was to eat more leafy greens, and not all leafy greens were created equal.

I figured the best way to get the most nutrition out of my food was to grow as much of it as possible! That was my ah-ha moment -- and viola, The Planted Wall was born. We began our mission to create a system that would make it easy for everyone to grow food at home and get the full nutrition from their food!

The Planted Box subscription is an easy way to get started growing your own food. Think of it as training wheels for the Planted Wall. There are a million reasons to join, but your very own health and the health of your family should rank right up there at the top! 

Get your hands dirty!


If working from home truly becomes the new normal for my wife and I, then this is a huge opportunity to consider lifestyle changes that were never possible before.  And growing my own vegetables is something that would be much more sustainable and enjoyable if I am working from home.

— Bryan, San Jose, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the monthly Planted Box subscription?

It's brand new! It's a box subscription that features planting projects for you to start gardening. You'll receive specialty seedlings with organic living soil, and mini-planters along with tutorials and coaching to guide you throughout the year. Each month we interview experts who will inspire you on your healthy living journey.

You can expect to receive between 4-8 seedlings monthly along with soil amendments and other supplies needed for projects. We'll be growing microgreens monthly and learning how to grow produce like mushrooms, potatoes, and garlic.

We will feature planting projects that are tailored to the different seasons of the year. We'll plant some of the perennial herbs in the Fall and harvest them in the Spring. We'll grow mushrooms in the cold, damp months, and tomatoes and peppers in the summer months.

You're part of a private FB Planted Community where we go live frequently to teach trainings, post tips, share successes, and feature our online classes with our Planted Live partners.

What if I have never gardened before? How easy is it?

  • We teach you every step along the way!
  • We make it easy and fun with instructions, videos, weekly tips, and a private Facebook community.
  • Each month you will receive new plants and learn how to grow them and use them in your cooking.
  • We feature weekly Live classes in our private FB community to answer questions and get as specific as possible to your growing needs.

What's the return/refund policy?

As our Planted subscription includes living plants, we offer replacements if they are damaged in any way.

Can I grow year round?

YES! We grow with the seasons. That means we work with growers to provide the organic seedlings that will thrive during the different seasons of the year.

The Planted Box subscription is intended for growing outdoors. The ideal location is a spot that gets 4-6 hours of sunlight a day.

If you live in a location where the temperatures dip below freezing, you will want to watch our winter series (link is here) to learn about what you can do in freezing temperatures (grow lights are important). In climates where there are occasional dips into the 30's, you can cover with a sheet or bring them indoors for that time period. The breeze is good for plants and helps to keep bugs at bay so growing outdoors is optimal.

Always remember, you can pause your subscription at any time.

How much space does it take and where can I put the planters?

The grow pots are 5.5" diameter - so they're small.  Over the course of a year you will receive ~ 15 total grow pots (because we will be replenishing seedlings often in the same pots).  We will introduce 1 or 2 larger grow pots for growing tomatoes, root vegetables, and vines.  The larger grow pots will be at most 24" diameter. 

The planters will drain through the felt so it will need to be placed somewhere where it can drain when you water it.  Think of this as container gardening.  You may place these on a deck, on a patio table, on the ground, etc.  You can move them around throughout the year to optimize the sunlight.  We plan to provide planter trays for people to place them on so they can drain if you want to bring the pots inside from time to time as a decoration (like herbs and ornamental flowers) or if the weather is dipping into freezing and you want to get them out of the cold.

The good news, is when you feel ready, you can Grow UP to the Planted Wall. Your grow pots are designed to fit nicely into the wall structure so upgrading is easy.

Join the membership before the cart closes on December 17 at midnight!