Learn how to put calcium back into your soil through this home remedy hack!

Here's why you want to do this...

Slow growth or yellowing plants might need a calcium boost. We love a good ole fashioned eggshell boil every three or four months. Egg shells contain calcium carbonate. This is what makes them strong. Delivering calcium to the soil helps build the cell walls, or “the bones” of our plants. Calcium carbonate helps to build stronger plant walls that are thicker and more resistant to pests like aphids and many more. Calcium also helps our plants taste better longer by neutralizing cell acids.

Once a plant is low on calcium it has no way of generating more. This causes the soil ph to throw plants into Chlorosis causing extremely stunted growth. We recommend that you try this hack whenever you start to see yellowing at the bottom of the plant. It isn’t something you want to do more than 3-4 times a year, but it gives them a nice boost and speeds growth because the calcium literally makes them stronger. Think of it as self care for your plants! Enjoy your garden!

How the Eggshell Boil Works:

  • Boil a half Gallon of water and add 5 clean eggs shells
  • Let simmer for 20 mins
  • Let eggshells in water sit through the night, at least 12-18 hours of soaking
  • Strain and pour into the water basin

Watch the video to learn how to extract the calcium from eggshells to bring calcium into your soil. Then sit back and watch the green move into the new growth on your plants.